Art Vendor Application

Thank you for your interest in applying for the San Francisco Arts Commission: Art Vendor Program. Before you proceed, please READ everything carefully on this page before proceeding. 

Please make sure your art/craft work meets the program criteria.
The link can be found here:

San Francisco Arts Commission Street Artists Licensing Guidelines/Criteria

This application asks you to upload a number of documents. Please prepare these documents before you begin your application:

Required documents - (The following documents are required in order to complete your application, if you do not submit these along with your application, your application will not be considered.)
  • Receipts of any tools and materials used for your work (must be the same tools and materials used to create the items in your work sample)
  • Images of your craft items for sale (maximum of 5 uploads) 

Optional documents -
(The following documents and files are not required to complete your application) 

  • CV/resume 

  • Letters of recommendation (maximum of 3 uploads and must be from other markets or studios - not customers)
  • Logos or signage for your business
  • Images of your Display
  • Process video of how you make your items (one video with a maximum of 5 minutes in length)

IMPORTANT: The application will accept most office and image file extension. For audio and video, the application will only accept the following:   

  • mpg

  • mp3

  • mp4
  • vma
  • divx
  • mov
  • avi
  • wmv

The total file size for application uploads cannot exceed 35 MB.

If your preferred language is not listed, complete the fill out the following information and an Art Vendor Program staff will contact you.